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sodium carbonate

The production of sodium carbonate shows growth for transport

Since sodium carbonate (soda ash) production is expected to rise through 2023, according to a recent global industry report on Transparent Market Research, the Tiltless Liner couldn’t have entered the...

/ March 17, 2020
advantages shipping wine cargo

Advantage of Shipping Wine Cargo in Thermal Container Liners

The U.S. wine industry continues to enjoy steady growth in bulk exports around the world. It averages an increase of about 10-15% per year.

/ April 5, 2018
bulk packaging

Recycling Packaging: What Can Be Done To Improve It?

Currently, most of the world’s bulk packaging is made from plastic materials, so this post will focus on that resource. Virtually, all types of plastics can be recycled to some...

/ December 21, 2017
bulk container liners

The high cost of low price Woven Liners

Woven bulk container liners are the workhorses of the bulk packaging industry to ship containerized bulk solids. They were created more than 20 years ago as a more reliable alternative...

/ December 7, 2017
bulk packaging

How to improve impact and tear resistance in flexible packaging

Most of the newer bulk packaging technologies used plastic woven raffia and then moved to laminated plastic woven raffia. Then, to improve impact, wear and tear resistance, the multi-layer bulk...

/ November 30, 2017
bulk container liners

Top 10 Benefits of Using Bulk Container Liners

Bulk container liners have been increasingly on the rise in the shipping and transportation industry for almost 4 decades as the product of choice in which to pack bulk solids...

/ November 23, 2017