Category: Bulk Handling

Pneumatic Conveying Using Venturi Eductors

Venturi Eductors are commonly used for pneumatically conveying material particles in the dilute phase. This type of system creates two effects: the suction in the feed inlet and the positive pressure...

/ December 2, 2020
Footprint industrial supply chain

Environmental footprint in the industrial supply chain

Rethinking the packaging and transportation mode used to deliver raw materials and powder solids in bulk form

/ March 27, 2020
Another option to handling and transporting sodium carbonate

Another option to handling and transporting sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate is a white crystalline solid that is also known as disodium carbonate or soda ash.

/ March 18, 2020
decision making guide

Decision Making Guide

Create a detailed timelime and scope of work in the supply chain to transport bulk in containers. The best way to move dry bulk solids is to use container with...

/ February 22, 2018
supply chain management

Timeline and scope for a bulk handling project

Material handling has a very important role in the process, mainly as it deals with bulk materials, since the handling and transportation processes are an important driver for merchandise cost.

/ February 15, 2018
reduce process

How to reduce the number of steps in a chain process

Two or more parties linked by a flow of resources that ultimately fulfill a customer request. The primary purpose of a supply chain is to satisfy customer needs to generate...

/ February 2, 2018