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New Bulk Packaging Technology

Bulk-Flow has been offering the "Liner Roller Machine" to help its customers start right the recycling process.

/ November 2, 2017
bulk bags

Does bulk bag loading really matter?

It’s easy to see that the costs to load in big bags vary with the loaded quantity, mainly because of the loading processes. While using bulk containers, it’s almost linear....

/ October 4, 2017
container liner

Elements involved in container liner handling

It is key for shippers and logistics operators to understand the role of the different pieces of equipment involved in container liner loading, transport and unloading.

/ September 5, 2017

Bulk packaging for food and beverage industry

The food and beverage industry has some particularities regarding the degradation of the products due to UV radiation, high/low temperatures, high temperatures’ amplitude, moisture, contamination, etc. Bulk-Flow offers a range...

/ August 29, 2017
tubular bulk bags

Change your design to tubular bulk bags for 40-50% packaging savings

Japanese bulk pack users have long preferred the shape of tubular bulk bags over cubic, round bags or baffle bags for many good reasons. After all, cylinders or tubes are...

/ August 1, 2017
Intermodal containers

BULK-FLOW’s Fluidizing Liner for 30′ Intermodal Containers

At the beginning of the 1990’s, as trade grew, the European roads started to collapse and hundreds of thousand of tons of CO2.

/ July 11, 2017