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bulk container liner supplier

How to choose a container liner supplier

Although it is difficult to coach someone through the hard task of choosing a supplier, it is even harder evaluate which supplier choice could lead to positive or negative results...

/ July 3, 2017
bulk material handling

Three ways to minimize the impact of the packaging on export bulk shipping costs

Exporting is normally made through long distances. The longer the distance that a product is transported, the higher the cost impact is on what can be considered "dead weight." Even...

/ June 27, 2017
hard-to-flow bulk products

Simple and economic way of transporting cohesive and hard-to-flow bulk products

If we summarize the cohesive hard-to-flow bulk products that are transported around the World, we can have a significant idea of the possibilities which can arrive containerizing part of this...

/ June 20, 2017
It is time to say goodbye Big Bags

It is time to say goodbye to Big Bags

Just think about how does your supply chain handles (packs or receives packed) the bulk packaging of bulk solids used in your processes?

/ June 6, 2017
ABC to use Liners

ABC’S of what you need to know to use Liners

How do you calculate which container is necessary for each product, and how is the merchandise unloaded at destination?

/ April 11, 2017
Fluidizing Technology for containerized bulk solids

Fluidizing Technology for Containerized Bulk Solids

A significant number of dry flowable bulk commodities are considered too cohesive and hard-to-flow to be shipped in containerized bulk form.

/ February 13, 2017