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Another option to handling and transporting sodium carbonate

Another option to handling and transporting sodium carbonate

Sodium carbonate is a white crystalline solid that is also known as disodium carbonate or soda ash.

/ March 18, 2020

Bulk-Flow Group expands production plant in China

The factory is located in Jintan in the Jiangsu province in the outskirts of Changzhou the heart of the bulk packaging industry in China.

/ July 18, 2017
hard-to-flow products

Common loading hard-to-flow products problems

Sometimes the challenge of loading or unloading bulk solid products is not to break the “grains” when using bulk throwers, or not throwing it in high velocity, or even to...

/ May 16, 2017
ABC to use Liners

ABC’S of what you need to know to use Liners

How do you calculate which container is necessary for each product, and how is the merchandise unloaded at destination?

/ April 11, 2017
Fluidizing Technology for containerized bulk solids

Fluidizing Technology for Containerized Bulk Solids

A significant number of dry flowable bulk commodities are considered too cohesive and hard-to-flow to be shipped in containerized bulk form.

/ February 13, 2017

BULK-FLOW Expands Operations in Europe

The high demand for container bags and big bags in Europe and BULK-FLOW’s desire to improve its service efficiency for clients in this continent led the company to expand operations...

/ November 27, 2015