A significant number of dry flowable bulk commodities are considered too cohesive and hard-to-flow to be shipped in containerized bulk form. Examples of commodities in this category include Adipic Acid, Fly Ash, TIO2, Soda Ash, Flour, Starch, Cement, Carbon Black, Filtration Media, Melamine and Steel Dust. For these types of commodities, containerized bulk packaging and shipping is the option with the lowest cost.

How Containerized Bulk Packaging and Shipping Lowers Costs

Containerized bulk packing and shipping lowers costs at all points in the logistic chain:

  1. Container liners provide the lowest packaging cost per MT.
  2. Container liners provide the lowest bagging operating cost per MT (Loading – Unloading).
  3. Container liners provide the lowest freight cost due to the payload maximization of the container.

About Hard-to-Flow Commodities

The Geldart scale classifies commodities based on the diameter of the particles and their behavior when fluidized. All commodities fall into one of four categories (A, B, C and D). Commodities in category C are considered cohesive due to their small particle size, which is usually between 1 and 100 microns in diameter. These commodities are the most challenging to fluidize.

Fortunately, BULK-FLOW has developed specific bulk packaging solutions and bulk handling equipment to solve this problem, including the BULK-FLOW Flat Fluidizing Liner, Flat Fluidization System, Self Discharge Fluidizing Frame and Vibrators.

    • BULK-FLOW Flat Fluidizing Liner – The BULK-FLOW Flat Fluidizing Liner features a flat, built-in fluidization bed that spreads the air across the entire surface of the liner’s floor, regardless of the commodity’s column pressure.
    • Flat Fluidization System – The Flat Fluidization System is completely embedded and flat below the inner liner floor, which provides several advantages over hose or pipe-based fluidization systems. Specifically:
      • The Flat Fluidization System will stay flat for an obstacle-free discharge.
      • The Flat Fluidization System will not be affected by the outflow of product.
      • The Flat Fluidization System will stay fixed regardless of product movement, thus protecting the floor from damage.
      • Because no hoses or pipes are involved, the Flat Fluidization System is not affected by the packing process.
    • Self Discharge Fluidizing Frame – BULK-FLOW’s Self Discharging Fluidizing Frame attaches easily to any marine shipping container, acting as an interface between the container liner and receiving equipment. Some of the most notable features are described below:
      • The Self Discharge Fluidizing Frame can be fitted with a Rotary Lock to meter the product into the pneumatic system to the storage silo, or it can be connected directly to a vacuum system that conveys the product to the silo.
      • The Self Discharge Fluidizing Frame features a built-in screw conveyor inside of the receiving hopper, as well as built-in air injectors for easy flow.
      • The Self Discharge Fluidizing Frame utilizes a closed loop system to avoid dust generation.

Fluidizing technology

    • BULK-FLOW Vibrators – High-frequency vibrators are often used to reduce compaction in cohesive commodities. BULK-FLOW has developed proprietary portable vibrators for this purpose. The vibrators are designed to provide maximum fluidization effect for a fast and effective discharge of any commodity from a container liner.
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