The high demand for container bags and big bags in Europe and BULK-FLOW’s desire to improve its service efficiency for clients in this continent led the company to expand operations in Europe. This plant’s strategic location in the European continent has allowed BULK-FLOW to quickly supply the needs of companies in different countries and has decreased product shipping costs for clients. This proximity has also allowed BULK-FLOW to get to know, first hand, the specific industry needs in this region and, based on that, offer assessment and solutions that satisfy product transportation needs.

Oswaldo Mino, BULK-FLOW’s executive director, is very satisfied with the results obtained up to now in Europe.

The recently installed plant in Barcelona has allowed us to decrease delivery times to companies that are beginning to utilize this bulk load method with our bags. Having a production plant closer to the consumer has opened the doors for us in the European market and, in barely 18 months, we have exceeded our sales expectations. We are convinced that the technical support and assessment in bulk loading and unloading systems for containers has also contributed to BULK-FLOW’s rapid entry into the market.

The facilities in Barcelona include offices for the commercial, logistics and technical departments, along with a production plant that, in a few months, is already working at full capacity, and a development center for new products. The needs of European clients are handled at this location where new technologies and raw materials are tested to facilitate transportation processes for various products.

For instance, there is the recent development of a 45 feet container bag without adhesive belts. It has been proven that although these have high performance, they are also difficult to remove and later impair the transportation of merchandise that is loaded on wooden pallets because the adhesive tape sticks to the pallet and, in many cases, breaks them. BULK-FLOW’s technical team was contacted by a client and developed a bag capable of fulfilling the same function in record time and without adhesive tapes.

Since its beginnings, BULK-FLOW has been characterized by bringing innovative solutions into the market. These have translated into patents and recognition in this industry. This desire to continue innovating has a group of experts in Europe now proposing safer and more economic alternatives every day.


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