Coffee, Cacao, Alfalfa, Maize, Wheat, Soy Beans, Chickpeas, Rice, etc…

What are the Challenges?

Container transport is very competitive in the field of bulk-solids for human and animal consumption, therefore reefer containers are generally discarded. The repercussion of the logistic costs per ton on the overall price of the commodity is generally a good percentage as these commodities are very low-cost in origin.

Quality of transport? Are these products effected in their health standards or taste?

Quality of the final product? Do the circumstances of dry container transport influence health safety standards, taste, and color of the end product at destination?

Do these effects transcend to the consumer after the product has been processed? Example: does coffee have the same taste in Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador or Vietnam as it does in their final consumer markets?


Packaging of bulk-solids for human and animal consumption

There are different packaging systems such as burlap sacks for coffee transport or woven low-cost liners. In animal feed transport, we can also find the feed directly loaded in the container without any protection and in direct contact with the floor and wall of the containers.

Can we consider woven liners or burlap sacks as waterproof or at least resistant to external humidity from normal condensation?

Can health standards be met when the products become wet and are subject to high temperatures which are typical from cacao, rice and coffee producing areas?

Standards to be met for bulk-solids for human and animal consumption in dry container to transport

The products are transported from producing areas to countries where these goods are transformed and prepared for final consumption.

After an average of 30 days at sea in containers subject to humidity and constant changes in temperature. Can we consider the goods have conserved their natural characteristics?

Should protective packaging be required so that these bulk-solids for human and animal consumption be protected from external agents such as humidity and heat?

The final packaging of these products for their ultimate presentation before consumes in supermarkets and restaurants is very carefully designed and the products, in many cases, are presented in kilo packaging with aluminum lining or even vacuum packaged.

Implementation of solutions and their cost effectiveness

As we have commented deep-sea transport in dry containers are subject to humidity from condensation and therefore making the possibility of external agents as mildew and fungus being formed on bulk-solids for human and animal consumption very probable.

The solution is Bulk-Flow’s Humidity Barrier Film Bulk Liner; this liner is extruded in one piece so there are no seams. The film is composed of multi-layers of polyethylene to protect against humidity from condensation and for extra strength. This film is food grade therefore designed for utmost quality and health standards.

Humidity film liner

As per cost effectiveness, the difference between continually having quality issues at the ports of destination and working professionally meeting quality standards, can be as little as 0.50 USD per ton in bulk-solids in 20’ dv containers.

Health standards, taste and quality versus the race to the bottom in logistics and packaging costs

We consume bulk produce on a daily basis in capsules, aluminum packaging, vacuum packaging and other bright and smart ways of presenting these products to the final consumer.

Do we need to know how the product was shipped to the transformation plant?

Packaging and logistic costs translated to price per ton in bulk-solids for human consumption, are many times ridiculous compared to the differences in quality that 0.50 USD per ton could offer.

BULK-FLOW has designed the Humidity Barrier Film Bulk Liner with commodities such as rice, wheat, cacao and coffee in mind.

Bulk-Flow’s food-grade multi-layered polyethylene film liner is the ideal solution for quality bulk-solids for human and animal consumption transport.

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